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Light Air Sailing Trim

In light air, it will be difficult to fill the sails as the wind force will be relatively low. The sail is a structure that can be defined as a three-dimensional structure with a depth of design. In the light air, giving the best form of sailing will be the best way to catch the force. So the sail trim will be very important. . Wind blowing at speeds of 7 knots and below, light air for sailing boats is accepted. It will be difficult to fill the sails and take the wind. The old sailors briefly summarize the state of sail in the light air with the phrase aca in the good sailor becomes clear in the air ¸m í. When sailing on a light air, the first priority is not to let the sails get too tight. Because stretched sails will not have enough depth, sailing will not be easy to produce. However, the fact that the sails are left quite empty will not help to produce enough force in sails.

In the light air it is aimed to ensure that the wind flows over the sail. A sail that is quite tense on its lower side, orchid side and unseen side cannot produce enough force. The more depth the sails are, the more force they will produce, but the more tor is given the depth of the wind, the wind can not flow through sails can not be produced. In light weather and when the wind is very low, the sails must have a light torlu and unseen side. The main sail must not be attached to the boom and the lower side of the main sail must be at least one punch in the boom. The Genoa sail must not be too taut. Genoa cars are not behind, they must be a little ahead.