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Right on the boat for shopping

1) In summer, drinking water is one of the most important and most consumed priorities on the boat. 5 liters of large drinking water, the boat is very useless in terms of use. It is difficult to store large waters. If you also need cups for large waters, you will have no problem for washing dishes. Plastic cups will also increase the amount of garbage. That's why 1 to 1.5 l of water is ideal. It is much easier and more convenient to drink and store 1.5 l water without needing to use cups. They can be written on the top of each bottle and can easily fit under the cover caps when storing. At least 1.5 lt of water per person per day should be taken for drinking water during shopping. This amount must be multiplied by the day. 2) It is necessary to take the egg sparingly. It should be kept in mind that it may deteriorate on very hot days. A sufficient amount of breakfast is required for breakfast. When storing, make sure that the cabinets are not small enough to be broken. 3) The easiest meals on the boat are sandwiches and pasta. You shouldn't expect to get pleasant tastes at any time on your sailing yacht. You should also forget about complete saturation. Do not feel the easiest made pasta and plenty of the most eaten bread. When buying bread, you can prefer rye, wholemeal breads based on a little longer. Pasta is already a very high and cheap food.

4) On the boat, sausage and frying things will make smoke and smell. This may bother you so you should not choose. 5) In the refrigerator on the sail boat, you may not have room for cold water, coke or beer when you put salad ingredients, tomatoes, cheese, fruits in the closet. It may not be easy to find a cold arm in the boat. So you must set your priorities. If you prefer to take the cheese less, you can reserve space for cold coke. 6) If you are cruising in Gˆcek Bays, you will not be hungry. Ice-cream shop, baker and Gˆcek Market will find you easily