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Use of Electricity for sailing yachts

We provide the electricity we use in the majority of sailing yachts from 12V voltage service batteries. In general, the service battery capacity in rental yachts is 200 A. Depending on the usage, the condition of the batteries may be out of date and there is a possibility of premature discharge. It's hard to find 220 Volt voltage in sailboats If sailing yachts do not have a generator, it may not be in many of the sailing yachts, the only way to get 220V is to use 12/200 V inverters. These inverters are suitable for low current devices such as cell phone charging, computer charging. You will not be able to use appliances such as hairdryers or kettles. So on the sailing boat, you're used to using the 200V you're used to use the hair dryer, iron, you should forget the appliances such as kettle. You can use the 220 V for other small tools if there is an inverter on the boat. Since this product is sold as an option, it may not be available on every sailing yacht.

Service battery voltages should be checked The other 12V voltage on the boat is for all general needs of the sailing boat. Fridge, navigation instruments, navigation lights and electronics are all powered by this 12V voltage. But long stays will reduce the capacity of your service batteries, such as water in your water tanks. There will not be a coast cable that you can charge the batteries in the bays. So your batteries will always have a tendency to ejaculate rather than stuffing.