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Water Use with Management on Board

The capacity of water tanks in sailing boats is not sufficient for use as we are used to daily use. Taking a shower after every swim, washing the dishes leaving the tap open too, may cause your water to run out in 2 days. If you only have a cruise plan with a stay in the bay, you should use the water sparingly. Systems such as watermakers are only available on luxury sailboat. Plan a cruise according to the water in the warehouse There are about 400 liters of fresh water on a sailing yacht with an average size of 40 feet. Therefore, you should check the water usage if you do not want to have a holiday with nature and do not want to visit the marinas. You will not be able to get water from your boat even if there are businesses near all of the bays that are not accessible by land.

To use water sparingly; 1) During the day, after taking a swim in the sea, you should take a shower without shampoo for 15-20 seconds. It would be no problem for those who are good with sea salt like me, but this will not be welcome for women, especially for their hair. 2) Food residues, boat hair, etc. in the cockpit. Do not use your sweet water to clean. Take a bucket of water from the sea. 3) When washing the dishes, first rinse with sea water and then wash with absolutely pure foaming and non-destructive marine detergent. 4) Do not leave water open while brushing your teeth. We have to make this habit in our homes.